I have been working with TransPhoto, TransPhotoTPi and TransPhotoVideo for a few years now. I enjoy the work I have been doing with and for them. These companies are very easy to work with and the owners are top professionals that believe in treating their customers, and vendors with respect and honesty. I will continue my relationship with these companies for many years to come.

Kenneth Dold
Ken and Linda Designs, LLC.


TransPhotoTPi helped me by translating a large document quickly for one of my customers. They did it very fast, extremely accurate, and for a fair price. I will continue to use TransPhotoTPi for all my translating needs.


At our most recent convention TransPhotoTPi handled all our translation requirements. They did a great job with professional translators and top of the line equipment. At the end everyone was happy, and the convention was a great one.


I contacted TransPhotoTPi because I had a Technical Manual that I needed translated into another language, including technical drawings. TransPhotoTPi took on this project immediately and found the right people that could handle this type work. The complete project was done on time and when presented to the foreign company they could find no issues with the translation. Great job TransPhotoTPi. I will continue to come back to you for all my work.


I took my old movies on VHS, 8mm and other formats to TransPhotoVideo to have them try and convert them to DVD for me. They did a complete conversion of all my old items onto 5 different DVD’s and returned all my old items and new DVD’s to me. The new DVD’s were great, and the movie quality was better than before. The TransPhotoVideo team did a great job and I would recommend them to anyone looking to convert their older format items to DVD.



TransPhotoVideo took some pictures that I thought had been destroyed by water and helped me by safely restoring them. They worked on them for a while and when they returned them to me, I couldn’t believe the work they had done. I now have my family treasurers back.